Hey guys, so today I thought I’m going to talk about our day in Kinsale. Today is a bank holiday Monday which means I have a day off school! I also had Friday off too because the teachers were training or something like that so I’m having a four day weekend. How good is that?? Its amazinggggg!

Anyways I’ll start concentrating now I promise! Last Sunday, we went to Kinsale for the day. It was so nice! The weather was pretty good, there was no rain so that’s always a plus! The plan was to go to the town to get a few ice creams but by the time we actually got there we were starving! Now let me tell you, having two hangry people in a car is not a good idea so we headed to the White House which I’ll link here ( )

Lately I just have zero interest in food, everything tastes bland and just like cardboard. I don’t know what’s up haha but it’ll be grand. Anyways as I said I was starving but I didn’t know what to choose because there was so many options and I just wanted something to fill me for another bit! I ended up getting a toastie special with chips. Now I don’t know what is was but that toastie was the nicest thing I have eaten in so long, like I actually enjoyed eating it and it didn’t taste like cardboard! The chips were lovely too, they were real crisp and just so nice. I’m doing a great job of describing here. It was such a lovely place and reasonably priced, I’d definitely recommend it!

Image result for the whitehouse kinsale

After we had satisfied our hunger, we drove out of the town with the intention of going to the Old Head of Kinsale, but we took the wrong road (whats new?!) and ended up in Charles Fort. It cost 13E for the four of us. Overall it was a really nice little place and we spend about two hours there. The views are perfect for blog shooting! 😉 I really liked strolling around looking at the buildings and learning about the place.


The pictures are absolute crap, I’m sorry! I was taking a lot more videos than pictures but we had a really nice time there!

After Charles Fort, we headed down to the Old Head. We arrived anyways and oh my god we could have been in Spain! It was just unreal. We just chilled and took everything in for the hour. The views are class, again my photos are crap because I was mainly taking videos but I’ll put in a few here.




It was just so nice to be able to relax and just talk about things for a bit. I think bloggers would love it because there is lots of good photo opportunities! Even though its an amazing place, I wouldn’t really recommend it for people with a lot of small kids for obvious reasons! Theres no barriers or fence to stop you from going over the edge, maybe its just me. I just wouldn’t feel safe or comfortable with a three year old running to the edge! I’d have visions of them going over!

That was pretty much our day really. Afterwards we got ice cream because no family day out is complete without an ice cream! We headed home then after that because it was getting late but it was honestly such a nice day and I’d definitely recommend it.

So yeah that’s it guys!

Love ye all as always



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