Gym Bunny?!

Hi guys,

Sorry I missed last weeks blogpost, I’m going to make up for it I promise!

As you may or may not know, I joined a gym. Shocker I know, basically I joined to kick my ass into gear and try motivate myself to get fit. So the package I got was the 21 day package. It cost me 47€ for the three weeks which in my opinion is pretty good I mean some charge 200€ which is just insane! But anyways, for the 47€ I got three group personal trainings a week and a meal plan.

The people at the gym are so nice! I’m not gonna lie, I was kinda scared because I thought everyone would be super fit and strong and I thought I’d be the one that was super unfit and that everyone would be like god she’s stupid. I was so wrong though because everyone is so busy trying to keep up and do the best they can so they can’t be bothered looking at you. And really no one gives a shit what you are doing like. I love it, I love how for the hour I’m just totally switched off and all I’m concentrating on is how many sets I’ve done and / how many more can I do. The hour honestly flies, its so good.

I was a bit apprehensive about the group trainings as I explained above but honestly there was no need to be. I have never done anything like that before so it was a totally new experience for me. Everyone warms up for 5-6 minutes be it by cycling, jogging or using the cross trainer. Then you decide what you want to do for the day like legs or arms etc and one of the trainers set you up with an exercise and you repeat for usually three times, then you just repeat with different exercises for the hour! I honestly can’t recommend it enough, you guys have to try group personal training! I feel so motivated seeing other people working out and doing so good that I want to do that well and I get on with my workout.

The food side of things is grand like for me anyways I ate a lot of the food already so it wasn’t a huge change for me. I’m going to do a ‘what I eat in a day’ blog post so you guys can see what it’s like. Obviously you aren’t allowed any chocolate and I missed it so much. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever, chocolate is like my coffee. But I managed without it for the most of the three weeks. Not gonna lie though from Monday to Friday I was totally off the plan, I just couldn’t stop eating and I just felt so bad. But on Saturday I got back on it and I’m not coming off again haha. Since I ate so much crap over the past few days my skin has broken out again and lemme tell you its not fun! I’m feeling so motivated though so hopefully I’ll eat well, exercise and it’ll clear up!

Obviously joining a gym costs money but the way I look at it, its my time and its for my benefit. I feel 100 times better afterwards and my head is completely cleared. Think about it, I know some people that could easily spend 200€ on clothes during a month. Like ok clothes might make you feel good for a few days but spending that much on a gym for 12 weeks is a way better, imagine like you could feel that way for a way longer! I hope you guys read this and feel motivated to go for a run/ walk or to join a gym.

Ciara x




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