Loving Life

Hi guys!

I wanted to write a really honest post about how I’m feeling lately so that’s what I’m going to do!

Lately I’ve been feeling extremely unmotivated like I literally want to do nothing. I just want to curl up in bed and not move for years. I’ve no motivation to go horse riding or even spend time with the dogs which is so unusual because if you know me in real life, then you know I absolutely love animals. So me not wanting to spend time with them is so strange. IMG_0445.JPG

Today for example I came home from supervising exams and I just watched Netflix for two hours in my room. After that then, I went on my phone and read a few blogs. I ate a load of crappy food that I didn’t even want, I just ate because I was feeling bored and crappy so I had chocolate to make me feel better which didn’t work! So I looked out the window and saw Buster, my dog, and I thought god he looks a bit scrawny so I went out and gave him some food. I ended up spending about an hour with him outside, we went for a walk too and when I came in, I felt a bit better and a small bit more motivated and focused so I said I would write a blog post!

While I was on the walk I started to think about how I got to this stage of feeling so unmotivated and I just started to think about what I was doing and what I wasn’t doing. I realised that over the past year I’ve stopped doing everything that I  loved doing. I stopped horse riding, taking pictures, baking, going outside etc. I’ve completely stopped doing all of those things and they all used to make me feel so happy and I used to feel so motivated because I constantly wanted to get better at what I was doing or try new things to get better results.


But that’s all going to change! Starting now I am going to start doing all those things again and I am so excited! I will keep ye all updated on how its going every month or so what do ye think? Let me know!

Ciara x

Ps please go vote for http://www.theredbrunette.ie/ on the beauty blog awards under best newcomer! I absolutely love her blog and I think she deserves to win so please go vote for her!



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